Aura Tovar: Getting Naked At Mile High Altitude [Podcast]

You’re cordially invited to get naked with Aura Tovar and Dr. Daniel Knowles!  No, you do NOT have to take your clothes off!   

Doctor Aura Tovar came from Venezuela in 1988 to the US and began working as a chiropractic assistant.  The as many assistants do, she decided to become a chiropractor and graduated Life University in 1997. 

She now runs the Get Naked series podcast and her one-day naked experience for treats. No, no one is losing their clothes!  It’s about getting raw, authentic and sharing your true self as a step to thrival.

Aura’s favorite quote is let go and let God.  That’s a great way to trust life more and live in your authentic self. She’s vice president of Cairo Mission, and has impacted over 20,000 people on her mission trips. The first mission in the Dominican Republic is happening soon.

Enjoy listening to Aura Tovar on this podcast!  You can decide whether you want to listen in your clothes or naked!!

Listen to the podcast:

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