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[Podcast] Communication in Chiropractic Sales – Hugh Liddle

The only way you can create revenue in business is by selling.  There’s no other way.  If you or the people on your team aren’t awesome at sales, you’ll find it hard to survive, much less thrive, in the current economy or any economy.  Hugh Liddle, Your Chiropractic Sales Wizard, is the special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast.


Hugh is Your Head Sales Wizard at Red Cap Sales Coaching and Elite Sales Academy, where you can learn to make selling easy, fun and profitable.  Hugh’s sales training and coaching comes from over 52 years of in-the-field sales and sales management experience, so you get real life experience from his teaching, not just something out of a textbook.  Hugh is the author of Take the Icky and Scary Out of Sales, which is available in paperback or Kindle versions at  He’s also a radio talk show host.  His podcast, The Sales Chalk Talk Show, is produced every week and available on Spotify, YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes and many more.  He’s also a terrific, in-demand public speaker, who provides education, encouragement, and entertainment for your corporate or association events.


When Hugh isn’t teaching salespeople, he’s home in Sebring, Florida with his wife, Priscilla, Jasmine the dog and Mooch and Minnie the cats.  He has 6 children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  He’s a singer/songwriter with more than 50 songs written and recorded.  Hugh has been the sales coach in my practice since 2009 and coaches other very successful chiropractors as well.

On this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The main key to selling today
  • The most important sales skill you need to develop
  • The communication process for successful sales
  • And MUCH more!


So watch and enjoy this episode.  Be watching for an announcement of an upcoming Master Class, where Hugh will be joining Richelle Knowles, Julie Jones, and me in a series about how you can create a $100K-a-month practice.  And be sure to mark your calendar for Mile High 11, coming September 21st – 24th, 2023.

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[Podcast] Communication in Chiropractic Sales – Hugh Liddle