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[Podcast] Authentic Service – Laurie Meinholz

There are many unsung heroes who go above and beyond for the Chiropractic vision, and Dr. Laurie Meinholz is one of those.  This podcast is a song for her!

Dr. Laurie is a Chiropractor in Decorah, Iowa.   She provides management of neuromuscular conditions like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and muscular pain.

Laurie is a 2008 Luther graduate. While at Luther, she studied under Jane Hawley as a theatre/dance major. She then went on to pursue Chiropractic, graduating from Palmer in 2013. After graduation Laurie opened up her own practice.

Laurie says, “In my chiropractic practice, I find myself teaching MF to my patients one visit and one concept at a time. I teach them simple things like how to fall properly, as well as body patterning and connections. Teaching these small portions of MF to patients helps them use their bodies more efficiently, avoid injury, and have less frequent visits to the chiropractor. I also use my knowledge of MF in order to care for my own body while working on others.”

Dr. Laurie’s grandmother was a patient of Clarence Gonstad, and Laurie found her way to a life of service through Chiropractic.  She’s in charge of the student community for the IFCO and also their Greenbook study group.  She has assisted with Mile High for many years.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • The only international chiropractic association focusing on the advancement of adjustment-focused care and defending the rights to practice on that level
  • Our students – the future of chiropractic
  • Ways to lift up the future of chiropractic
  • How Laurie’s grandmother told her she has to do what Gonstead did
  • And so much more!

IFCO’s vision and their support of the Mile High movement has been a tremendous blessing.  Dr. Laurie’s contribution to her community, chiropractic students, and humanity through the IFCO and more is a source of tremendous value and gratitude.

Find out why Dr. Laurie loves Mile High and comes back year after year.  Be sure to get all the details about Mile High 2023 and get seats reserved for yourself and your team.  All the details are HERE



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[Podcast] Authentic Service – Laurie Meinholz