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[Podcast] 🎙️ The Importance of Chiropractic Education – Dr. Paul Reed



Dr. Paul Reed is the very special guest on today’s Mile High Podcast! He’s a faith-based entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, husband, and father. Many have called him a serial entrepreneur, and Dr. Paul likes to refer to it as seeing a need and filling it. He’s opened and scaled 8 businesses, generating revenue in excess of $5 million annually.
Dr. Paul attributes his experience as a Division 1 Pac 10 starting athlete, husband of 27 years, father, and businessman, the lessons learned from decades of mentors, combined with his consistent, persistent pursuit of his desired state to his successes in all areas of life.
Dr. Paul believes that we all have the potential for greatness, and lack the understanding on how to release it.
On this podcast you’ll hear:
 Dr. Paul’s journey into Chiropractic
 The importance of educating our children about Chiropractic
 The importance of educating chiropractors about Chiropractic
 What Chirofest is all about
 And MUCH more!

You’re going to have the incredible opportunity to hear Paul Reed speak at Mile High for the first time ever! He’ll be sharing some ideas at Mile High XI – ONE LOUDER in Denver, September 21st – 24th about how to release your greatness and step into your full potential.

Paul runs another event, Chirofest, in Vancouver, Washington. His event takes place this year September 14th and 15th. You can get information and tickets at So, you have two opportunities to hear Dr. Paul and many other tremendous speakers. If you can’t make it to Vancouver, come see him at Mile High XI. If you can’t make it to Mile High, go see him in Vancouver. And if you’re a REAL Paul Reed fan, get tickets for both events and experience a double-barreled dose of ChiropracTIC excellence!

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[Podcast] 🎙️ The Importance of Chiropractic Education – Dr. Paul Reed