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"A healthy practice is not about how many new patients come through the door but how many you actually keep."
- Daniel Knowles

This episode of the Mile High podcast is what Tim Ferris calls an in-between-isode. We are going to take a one week break from interviews, to be able to give you an update on all of the happenings for Mile High, and so that people can be up on the events schedule and have the details they need. Mile High tickets are rising on July 15th – Grab yours here. I highly suggest you listen to this all of the way through so you know what’s going on with event hours, speakers, break-out sessions, continuing education, travel plans, and so much more. I also want to say I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve the chiropractic community in this capacity, and help so many chiropractors and chiropractic teams. Truly it is overwhelming to hear all of the positive feedback that I have received from all of you, in terms of your enthusiasm to be in attendance of this event. The focus of the event focus is to shift chiropractic teams, and our chiropractic profession degree by degree more towards true north. Look forward to seeing you at a higher altitude,, August 18th to 21st, 2016.

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