"What a long, strange trip it has been." - Grateful Dead

Approximately 4 1/2 years ago, after hearing a calling so loud that I could not ignore it anymore, we decided to launch Mile High. Looking back at the last four and a half years, I had no idea that this would have as much as impact on a chiropractic profession, individual practitioners, their offices, their teams and the chiropractic profession as a whole as it has.

Each year, we strive to make the the Mile High chiropractic movement weekend event, better than the year before and each year we strive to have the movement have more impact throughout the year. Grab streaming access to the 2016 event along with early registration for next year before midnight December 31st and save PRE REGISTER. I am extremely grateful for all of those who have latched onto the vision. They say there's nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. We are at a crossroads in our profession where more than ever it is needed for practitioners to step up and be involved with chiropractic remaining chiropractic. Advancing chiropractic does not mean advancing it into another profession or another discipline. It means advancing the philosophy, science and art of chiropracTIC.

The Mile High chiropractic movement weekend has created a home for those like-minded practitioners that have vitalistic foundational values of chiropractic at the core of their practice. And facing the direction of that being clearer and more defined and more embodied in their practice each day. They are vertebral subluxation conscious. Which means, they're conscious that subluxations are in  and of themselves a serious detriment to the health of humanity. That when reduced, because in and of themselves they are a detriment to ones health, a persons life is, from that point on never the same. It is forever different, transformed, enhanced, improved in quality and quantity of years. And that that, the location , analysis and adjustment of subluxations are in and of itself  enough in terms of a service to deliver to humanity. In fact, it's way more than enough as it's the most valuable service that exists in the healthcare healing arts and is unduplicated by any other profession.

To remove subluxation from the chiropractic paradigm is actually to remove Chiropractic  from healthcare. And any man or woman who really, truly understands the BIG IDEA, would never allow that to happen consciously. We look forward to seeing you at one of the Mile High chiropractic movement weekends, the next one is on August 17-20, 2017.

Register early. Registration is open here until December 31st.

Any time you're in Colorado we'd love to have you out at one of the Mile High chiropractic philosophy nights. They're the third Thursday of every month in Boulder, Colorado. We would love to welcome you home to the heart and soul of the values, principals of chiropracTIC.

Please enjoy this highlight reel from Mile High for which we heard that was the best one yet. And we are raising the bar for next year. Rise up in your philosophy, your vision, and your strategies by joining us in August 2017.

"Set a goal so big, you can't achieve that is until you grow into the person who can."

Question of the day: "Which part of Mile High did you enjoy?" Please let me know in the comments.

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