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"We are here to protect, promote, and save chiropractic!"
- Joe Esposito

Welcome to this exciting episode of the Mile High podcast with Dr. Joe Esposito. Something that often makes me enthusiastic in the chiropractic profession is when people are thinking beyond their 4 walls to reach as many people as they can with the chiropractic message and service. To me this is always a sign of expanded vision. Mile High tickets are rising grab yours today.

Very few people have done that to the level of Joe Esposito. A Life University graduate who straight out of the gate has taken action to expand his impact on chiropractic as a whole, as well as most certainly the public, through his efforts.

Dr. Joe Esposito started align life in 1999 with the opening of his first clinic facility in Bloomington Illinois. He has since expanded his clinics to reach cities across the United States with a focused communication that the body is self-healing and inspiring the innate healing potential of the human body. The systems of their clinics are designed to help any on purpose chiropractor build the practice of their dreams. If that wasn't enough he also founded Vitalogics. Vitalogics is a wellness technology company that focuses on helping healthcare providers leverage technology to improve patient education, office efficiency, and bottom-line profit.

So often people are focused on procedures marketing tools and what they need to do or not do. I have learned in the last several years that it all starts with mindset, headspace and of course vision. What I would like you to listen for carefully in this podcast is the expression of someone with a bigger vision. If you're going to expand your impact either through your office or on a bigger level beyond the walls of your office rubbing elbows and listening to people with a bigger vision will start to change how you think. And as my friend Liam Schubel says "changed thinking changes everything." Vitalogics is the diamond sponsor of the Mile High weekend this year. Their EHR is the #1 software for chiropractic research due to scalability, data integrity, compliancy, solid infrastructure, and real-time data collection. People that use Vitalogics improve the efficiency and compliancy of their office while supporting research in the chiropractic profession.

Enjoy and I hope this podcast grows your vision to new levels.

"To us it not about the sales its about serving. We want to know about what you practice not not about what we want."
- Joe Esposito

Question of the day: "What research would you like to see done in the chiropractic profession?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • How did you find you way into chiropractic?
  • How did you get started from chiropractic to moving on a bigger stage?
  • Why did you start a software company?
  • What is the research you are doing and how much data have you collected?
  • What makes Vitalogics unique?
  • What are some other projects that you are working on within chiropractic?
  • How can people be more involved with health mission?
  • What are some of the patterns that you have seen that stopped people to be successful in their practice?
  • Who are some of the players involved in vitalogics?

People Mentioned:

  • Shawn Dill
  • Christina Esposito
  • Frank Ju
  • Liz Mertz

Selected Links:

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