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Humans Will Be Human – Dr. Mel Krug


The very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast is Dr. Mel Krug!  After spending years in and out of doctor’s offices, she started to feel like just a number in her health journey. Pills, restrictive diets, and numbing emotions just weren’t cutting it anymore. 
After discovering the powerful healing benefits of Network Spinal Chiropractic Care, Dr. Mel has radically overcome her own personal health challenges, moving from menstrual cycle dysfunction and emotional trauma to more power and strength in both her body and mind. 

Dr. Mel founded Inspire Life Chiropractic Center in 2017 where she now helps hundreds of women and families every year overcome chronic health challenges including anxiety, indigestion, trauma, sleep, mental health, and so much more. Additionally, Dr. Mel works with clients in the realm of private, 1-to-1 business mentorship, entrepreneurial start-ups, mindset, embodiment, and breakthrough coaching. She is dedicated to helping women (and men, of course) reclaim their power, navigate stress naturally with more ease, and ultimately live a life filled with empowerment and inspiration from within.

It has been an honor to have Dr. Mel as a student of ours since 2014 through NetworkSpinal.  She’s also attended Mile High every year since 2014.  Watching grow and impact more lives has been so inspiring! Her favorite quote isWhether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

On this podcast you’ll hear Dr. Mel discuss 

  • Whether practice is just a pretty picture
  • Her personal healing journey
  • Why she says business is an inside-out game
  • How people come into mental and emotional alignment
  • And MUCH more!

Here are some of the FREE resources you can receive from Dr. Mel: 

You can also find more information on her website at

You’ll have the opportunity to meet Dr. Mel in person at Mile High XII in Denver, Sept4mber 26th – 29thIf you haven’t reserved seats for yourself and your team yet, do it now at 


Yours in Service,

Dr. Danny


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Humans Will Be Human – Dr. Mel Krug