"Each seed that you plant in the right person at the right time will attract what they want in their life. So all you need to do is plant seeds." - Dana Pittner

Most doctors do not want to admit this, however a limiting factor that is rampant in the chiropractic profession is not putting the time, effort and energy into building a world class championship chiropractic team. In this episode, we catch up with chiropractic professional trainer extraordinaire, Dana Pittner. Grab your Mile High Chiropractic movement weekend tickets for yourself and your team TODAY at www.milehighchiro.org, and we will see you August 17th to 20th on higher ground.

Dana Pittner has been a chiropractic professional serving the chiropractic profession for 20 years. In this episode, we go over key areas that people miss with their teams. We discussed Reggie Gold's Triune of Life, and Rob Sinnott’s chiropractic text book. We also discussed selling in chiropractic, hiring and training teams, relationship building, having systems and procedures, and so much more.

No one has done anything great and lasting without an incredible support team around them. The first step you need to do to increase your impact is to build a team.

Catch up with Dana Pittner at:

She was gracious enough to share these incredible resources of areas to learn more about chiropractic.

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"Keep everlasting on top of details for that is what makes or break an organization. Be kind but stern. Be firm but thoughtful. Principles are important but so are people." - BJ Palmer

Question of the day: "What are some success keys for women in chiropractic today?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • Why do you see your self more that just a chiropractic assistant?
  • What is a chiropractic professional? What does that mean?
  • How is that emotion has no place in management?
  • What are some important procedures that you think people miss that can make a huge difference in the office?
  • Being a mom of 5, Why education is vital to life long care for families?
  • What are some key ways that teams can help their practice members uderstand life long care for families?
  • What are some keys to succesfully hiring?
  • What are some keys in training area?
  • What do you when you have a team member that is reluctant to go to an event?
  • What would you like to see chiropractors do more for their team?
  • Share some things to help inspire team members living a chiropractic lifestyle.

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