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Dan Lemberger: Asks about the why behind Mile High?

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We have a lot of work to do between Mile High 3 and 4
– Liam Schubel

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Enjoy this inaugural interview of the Mile High podcast in which a lot of ground is covered. Mile High emcee Dan Lemberger interviews for the first time in the history of the Mile High webinars and podcasts Mile High founder Daniel Knowles.

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Daniel Knowles and Dan Lemberger have a long chiropractic history. They’ve known each other since undergraduate school at New York University, both attended Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic together and both are team teachers for Network Spinal Analysis as well as reside in Colorado.

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They have a common bond in their enthusiasm for the vitalistic foundational principles of the chiropractic profession as well as the Mile High state.

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Dan Lemberger is the founder of the 300 days of Run. He has also served as the Dean of continuing education for Sherman College, chair of the DaVinci group, delegate for the world Congress of Chiropractic Students and more. Read his full bio here.

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In this episode Dan Lemberger asks:

  • How did Mile High come into existence?
  • What spoke to you to get this started in Colorado?
  • What is the lineup for Mile High 4?
  • Should people bring their team?

Selected links from the episode:

Show Notes:

  • Arno Burnier 4:15
  • Sherman Lyceum 4:50
  • Liam Schubel 10:30
  • Political involvement 11:30
  • New Location 20:05
  • Event breakout session with Marc Swerdlick 22:50
  • 300 days of run 23:50
  • Things to do in colorado 29:35

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Dan Lemberger: Asks about the why behind Mile High?