Arno Burnier: Presence in Practice [PODCAST]

There are few people in Chiropractic who can be recognized by only their first names. Arno is one of them. Dr. Arno Burnier . is a renowned Doctor Of Chiropractic, an International Public Speaker on Chiropractic, Life, Health, Healing and Wellbeing. Married 35 years to his extraordinary wife Jane, he is a Father and Grandfather. Arno is a Mentor, Coach and Teacher to countless Doctors of Chiropractic and Students. His impact and influence in the world of Chiropractic, Health and Healing is significant. He traveled from France to attend Sherman College when it was in its infancy and has held the space for the potential for chiropractic to create a new paradigm for humanity. You can learn more about Arno and his MLS seminars at

On this podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The art of chiropractic
  • The importance of presence
  • Communicating the principle

You’ll get some great ideas about how to make increased impact on your community and the world through your presence, your passion and your focus on the principles.

Arno will be among the awesome speakers at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th –  23rd. It’s an absolute thrill to have him back again as a presenter. He helps us all work together to shift the chiropractic paradigm towards its true focus and raise up health, healing and consciousness.  If you have not registered yourself and your team yet, do it right away at and use savings code BURNIER to save some additional money on your registration!

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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