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A Message from Dr. Richelle! [PODCAST]

This week’s podcast is a special one.
Listen to Dr. Richelle Knowles, well known as a chiropractor that you can rely on for compassionate and empathetic care at the Network Family Wellness Center in Boulder.

Today’s podcast is a video of Dr. Richelle’s presentation at Mile High 2020. It’s a sneak peek at the kind of quality information you receive at Mile High and can expect at Mile High 2021. More than 25 awesome speakers will be sharing information, inspiration, and motivation with you.

Enjoy the podcast, after listening register your and your team for Mile High 2021 before rates increase tomorrow.  If you haven’t already, register yourself and your team for Mile High 2021, mark your calendar, make your travel plans and get ready to be wowed in September 23rd-26th! You can reserve your seats at

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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A Message from Dr. Richelle! [PODCAST]