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Welcome to the Mile High Podcast!

Each episode, we extract vision, tactics, tools and strategies you can use from speakers associated with the annual Mile High Chiro event.

Past guests include Liam Schubel, Donny Epstein, Arno Burnier, Marc Swerdlick, Kristen Kells, Mary Lucus Flannery and dozens more…

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  • Heidi Farrell: Creating Outstanding Team Members

      “A short pencils better than a long memory “ – Heidi Farrell Super team trainer Heidi Farrell has been working with chiropractic teams for 20 years and is returning to mile high in 2016! I truly enjoyed the opportunity to interview her on this episode and I know you will too. Teams are so […]

  • The Future of chiropracTIC is in our hands

    “We must make chiropractic center stage in our practice “ – Joe Borio Grateful that Dr. Joe Borio will be returning to mile high this year for a second time. He is one of my favorite people in chiropractic to learn from both one-on-one as well as on stage. Having achieved a level of practice […]

  • Changing the Landscape of Chiropractic

    When I asked Joel Kinch to help out with mile high for years ago I knew he would be a vital contributor however I did not know how much. He is over and above an asset to the profession and unsung hero. Joel has been a Colorado chiropractor in the trenches for over 20 years helping people in his community. A graduate of Palmer West his involvement has been with the Colorado chiropractic wellness alliance, a member of the international Federation chiropractors and organizations and inspired by many in the profession including Arno Burnier and his masterpiece training camps. He is also close personal friends with Jack Bourla.

  • Dan Lemberger: Asks about the why behind Mile High?

    “We have a lot of work to do between Mile High 3 and 4 “ – Liam Schubel Enjoy this inaugural interview of the Mile High podcast in which a lot of ground is covered. Mile High emcee Dan Lemberger interviews for the first time in the history of the Mile High webinars and podcasts […]

  • Daniel Knowles: Mile High Podcast Launch

    Welcome to the launch of the Mile High Chiro podcast. Enjoy this launch episode. In each Mile High podcast episode, we extract vision, tactics, tools and strategies you can use from speakers associated with the annual Mile High Chiro event. Listen via iTunes, or via Stitcher “Not the Mile High Seminar or Mile High Weekend… […]

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