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Dr. Tomas Martinez, D.C

Dr. Tomas Martinez’s story begins when he graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University to acquire his B.S. degree in Psychology then attended Central State University in 1989 with a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology.

From there Dr. Martinez specialized as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- having worked as a psychotherapist after 7 years.
Dr. Martinez found his true calling in chiropractic and graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic in December of 2000.

He has associated with several other chiropractors in Arkansas, Kansas City, and Tulsa. Dr. Tomas Martinez opened his practice in July of 2004 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Contact Information
7614 E 91st St Suite 110 , Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133, United States
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Practice Description
Subluxation/Adjustment Focused