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In the last two years, ChiroSushi has made a big splash in the chiropractic landscape, and with good reason. Tristan Schaub, third generation DC2B, is heading up the Chiro Sushi phenomenon, along with a tremendous team he has assembled.

The Chiro Sushi Summit is the weekend of June 23rd in Las Vegas, and you know what they say about Vegas. This is going to be a program to be remembered for years to come. You can register at

You can find Tristan’s bio here.

Also, you need to make your reservation and your plans for Mile High in 2018, August 16th-18th in Denver. Go to right now and get your tickets before the investment increases October 1st! And you can also get streaming access now at (insert link) to all five years of Mile High. Don’t procrastinate! Do it now!! You’ll be really glad you did!!!

Rise up to Mile High in 2018, August 16th-19th. We'll see you on higher ground. Reserve your seats before September 30th and save.

Question of the day:Why is it important to be in financial exchange for the service you deliver" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions asked:

  • Where did you come from?
  • What did Silicon Valley teach you about chiropractic?
  • What is Chiro Sushi?

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