Troy Dukowitz: Intention And Implementation [PODCAST]

When you connect with Dr. Troy Dukowitz, you know he’s a force of nature. He’s extremely passionate, intentional and focused!

Troy was speaking at CLA Total Solution when I first connected with him. You may have met him and heard him speak there as well. Troy is a loving family man, who prides himself as being the founder of the “Hall of Fame Dad”. Every chiropractor parent can totally relate to Troy!

Dr. Troy is on a mission to help chiropractors wake up and you and I need to join him!

On this episode of The Mile High Podcast, you’ll hear about:

• Implementation with intention
• Healthy relationships
• Retention secrets
• And MUCH more

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Enjoy this podcast. It would be great to hear what you learn from it!

P.S. Troy is also a podcast host. You can find his podcast, Commit and Go at

If you want to have more people that pay, stay, and refer as lifetime members, go to Retention Secrets at and learn about the 10 retention killers and how to avoid them!

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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