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Timothy Young: Success in Chiropractic [PODCAST]

Dr. Tim Young truly feels that everyone who chose to be a chiropractor received it as a calling. Dr. Young took that calling to another level. Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic School in Kansas in 1993.
He relocated to Oklahoma City with his family and began practice. Since then, he has maintained an extremely successful practice. He’s the past president of the Oklahoma Chiropractic Association, he’s the founder and president of the National Chiropractic Focus OKC, and he’s the founder and president of Focus Foundation. In addition to all that, he teaches a focused chiropractic mastery program. And of course, he spends time with and cares for his family.
On this podcast, you’ll hear about the elements you need to achieve:

    • Pure Chiropractic philosophy
    • Certainty in your technique and care
    • Success in your practice


Dr. Tim will also be one of over 25 tremendous speakers at Mile High 2021 in Denver, June 3rd – 6th. Mile High is focused on the Art of Chiropractic this year, and Dr. Young is a skilled teacher of technique. You will want to enjoy the interview with him on this podcast, and you certainly won’t want to miss his presentation at Mile High.
If you haven’t reserved your seats at Mile High for yourself and your team, do it right now and get ready to up your Chiropractic artistry! You can register at
Also check out Tim’s July event, Focus OKC, where your podcast host, Dr. Daniel Knowles, will also be presenting. Just go to
You can also check out Dr. Tim’s motion specific technique mastery class at

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Timothy Young: Success in Chiropractic [PODCAST]