Donald Epstein: The Consciousness of the Current Global Circumstance [PODCAST]

Grab a pen and paper because this Donny Epstein podcast episode will need to be heard more than once to digest all the ground that he covers. There’s so much going on during the circumstances, and he shares some tremendous insights.

Dr. Donny graduated NYC 40 years ago. He established two chiropractic practices in New York City. He left private practice to research, teach, write, and develop models of healing and personal evolution consistent with the original chiropractic impulse. He has personally attended to about a quarter a million people in his career with this approach and practiced on all 7 continents.

His models, approaches, concepts, and Network Spinal Analysis system have impacted thousands of chiropractors and millions of those whom they served. His work has researched in 10 universities. People have gotten their masters and Ph.D. degrees in engineering mathematics and psychology studying the effect of Network Spinal Analysis on the central nervous system coherence.

He is a chiropractic master, one of the Chiropractic profession’s living legends, and a force of nature and love. He has been a tremendous supporter of The Mile High Experience, and it’s an honor to have him teaching at Mile High once again in 2020!

Donny is one of the featured speakers at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd. And an additional bonus day has been added to the Mile High weekend on Sunday, August 23rd. You can spend an entire day with Dr. Donny, going even deeper into the philosophy, art, and science of Chiropractic.  How often do you have a day to have a Q&A session about anything and everything to do with Chiropractic with one of Chiropractic’s legends? Dr. Donny will be talking and answering questions about Chiropractic philosophy, research, hands around the table, pediatrics, and everything that you want to cover that can be covered in a day.

So, after you listen to the podcast, you’re going to want to register for the bonus day at , and if you haven’t reserved your seats for Mile High yet, be sure to do that right away and add the Donny Epstein bonus day to your registration.  Be sure to make or amend your travel arrangements to stay over on Sunday.  Register at and use savings code mhpodcast to save $50 off your registration.

Check out this week’s podcast here:

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