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Tamara MacIntyre: Bringing Neuro Back into Chiropractic [PODCAST]

When I dared to be powerful, to use my strength and the service of my vision, it became less and less important whether I am afraid. – Audre Lorde

Tamara MacIntyre tells us that’s her favorite quotes. The Prada Foundation and Tamara MacIntyre are two of my favorites in chiropractic, and for good reason. They are bringing neuro back into chiropractic and envisioning chiropractors helping people manifest exactly as they imagine. They’re expressing themselves authentically and practicing in ways that become effortless.

Tamara MacIntyre, D.C. is both a Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Natural Medicine. Prior to becoming Dean of Clinical Education at Life Chiropractic College West, she practiced in Ottawa, Canada for 14 years where she was recognized as a leading authority in chiropractic and functional medicine. Patients travelled from all over the world to receive her care and access the depth of her expertise.

Dr. MacIntyre is a gifted educator and mentor known for her power, intelligence and grace. She’s a role model for many and particularly the young women in the profession. She is touted as a ‘clinical genius’ by students, her wisdom and insight pervade every facet of their education. She inspires with her depth of knowledge, expertise, and level of compassion with which she encourages you to consider every detail of your patient’s comfort and experience.

She summons forth the doctors within her students and challenges them to be those people NOW, to show up NOW, to act as if and truly understand the importance and gravity of the role of facilitator. You are invited to trust and to grow from fledgling academics to full- blown clinicians.

She is one of few who have the ability to create a massive shift in consciousness simply by being present.

On this podcast you’ll discover:

• What are the values of our newest, brightest doctors are
• What it means to bring feminine expression to the professional
• Why so many doctors struggle finding the space where practice is effortless
• The trends in old models of practice versus new models of practice

You’re really going to enjoy listening to Tamara discussing these topics. And you’ll get to hear her again at Mile High 2021 in Denver, September 23rd – 25th. Get your reservations made before July 1st and save some money! Register yourself and your team today at .

See you on higher ground! Keep changing health, minds, and lives with Chiropractic.


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Tamara MacIntyre: Bringing Neuro Back into Chiropractic [PODCAST]