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Meet Stew Bittman, person who is heart and soul chiropractic through and through! and his wife, Hillary are published authors, international public speakers and workshop leaders, healers, spiritual leaders and peaceful warriors. Coming from an eclectic and extensive background of spiritual traditions, they have inspired people all over the world with their practical message of hope and healing.

For over 20 years, The Bittmans have had a mission to awaken the awareness of oneness between the spiritual and the physical. They operated Safe Haven Chiropractic, a healing center based on donations only, for 23 years. Thousands of individuals and families were given the opportunity to embrace their gifts, pursue their dreams and find the peace and wholeness that reside within all of us. Stew and Hillary have traveled the world teaching the principles of life and have participated in 6 chiropractic missions in Central America, bringing those principles to manifestation for literally hundreds of thousands of people.

Currently, the Bittmans are Ministers of Unity at the Lake, a positive, trans-denominational, spiritual community in South Lake Tahoe, CA

You are in for a real treat! Stew is one of our chiropractic sages. On this podcast, he shares incredible wisdom about loving intention, service, philosophy and enate expression. You’ll enjoy an immediate connection between Stew’s wisdom and your chiropractic heart.

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Question of the day: "How can chiropractic be of further agent of social change?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • You’ve traveled a long road in chiropractic…can you summarize it?
  • Your biggest influences in chiropractic? Other defining moments in those years?
  • Involvement in chiropractic now after being retired from practice for 8 years? What do you miss?
  • Differences/similarities between ministry and chiropractic practice?
  • Impressions on current state of chiropractic & how it’s changed in 35 years?

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