"We must not allow any sort of fear interfere with our ability to fulfill our moral obligation." - Steve Tullius

Often people ask, “Why are we not seeing as many miracles in chiropractic as in chiropractic's early days?” I will submit that it's because too few chiropractors have had a chiropractic experience, either in their own health or life, or in that of the people for whom they care. Thus, they water down chiropractic. Furthermore, chiropractic schools are teaching less and less chiropractic, so people are learning it elsewhere if they’re fortunate enough to do so.

In this episode, our special guest is Steve Tullius. He serves the IFCO and is an ACP graduate. Steve also dedicates a tremendous amount of time to mentoring other chiropractic teams, helping in the chiropractic political realm in addition to caring for patients in his own office. Read his bio here

In addition to caring for his own son, who has health challenges, Dr. Steve Tullius has grown his skill set, enabling him to communicate with and focus on pediatric patients who have had neuro-developmental disorders. By focusing as a specialist, who serves that population with subluxation corrective care, Dr. Steve has been able to grow a pediatric-focused practice, help a tremendous number of kids and see more chiropractic miracles in his practice.

Steve will be one of the core speakers at this year’s Mile High event in Denver. Join us August 17th-20th, 2017, at Higher Altitude! You can save yourself some money if you register right now, before the next rise in the investment level. Register here: www.milehighchiro.org/pre-register

Question of the day: "How important is research in chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • How can chiropractors see more kids?
  • Why aren't we seeing as many miracles in chiropractic?
  • What kind of result is your unraveling Neurodevelopmental disorders program getting?
  • What does the future look like for chiropractic?

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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