Theresa Warner

Dr. Theresa Warner along with her husband Dr. Stuart Warner have been called ‘America’s Most Trusted Source for Raising Healthy Kids’. Dr. Teri as her patients call her, has been in private Pediatric & Prenatal practice in Point Pleasant NJ for 26 years where she has helped thousands of children & pregnant women overcome illness and optimize their health.

Dr Theresa Warner is an internationally sought after keynote speaker and Postgraduate educator who is featured at Doctor conferences and Parenting Health expos around the world. She is a warrior to effect change to reverse the alarming rise of childhood illness and help turn the sickest generation of kids in history into the healthiest through her signature strategies to boost immune and brain function in kids. In addition, she and her husband run the mega conference GENESIS PED/CON which will take place again

Sept. 24-27th at She also founded the ‘Lets Take Back Our Kids Health” event for the public at Dr. Teri along with her husband have created the Facebook support group and community Drs. Teri & Stu Warner and The Wellness Parenting Revolution which you can join for free and be part of the movement for at to receive breaking news and health alerts for optimizing your family’s health.

Dr. Teri is a media spokesperson who regularly appears in the National Media on TV as a kids health expert talking about the benefits of Chiropractic care for kids and natural approaches to health and wellness.

Her ground breaking segment on The Doctors TV Show on chiropractic care for newborns was highly acclaimed for raising awareness of this important topic.

Dr. Teri helps chiropractors get on TV & Radio at

The Warners were known as “pediatric chiropractors” before there were pediatric chiropractors. They have been coaching and training fellow chiropractors for over two decades, teaching them the 12 Building Blocks from their pediatric practice systems.

What they are most known for is their innovative marketing strategies, promotions and special events designed to propel Chiropractors to become leaders in their communities for children’s health & wellness. Drs. Warner teach chiropractors to be the “Go-To” kids health authority in their communities.

Dr. Teri is co-founder of Kids Day America/International which is celebrating its 25th year as the Chiropractic’s #1 Marketing & Community Outreach event which brings in 50-100 new patients to each participating office. It is Chiropractic’s biggest day for helping kids that over 2000 chiropractors have screened over 5 million kids for subluxations. Chiropractic luminaries have credited the Warners as bringing in the most amount of kids into Chiropractic offices in history.

You can become a sanctioned site at

They have also created the largest Chiropractic Pediatric community in the world with ‘ChiropracticPediatrics24/7’ Facebook community and the first ‘Husband & Wife ChiropracticTeams’ Facebook community.

Dr. Teri also created the show to educate the world on raising healthy kids.

Drs. Warner also founded Wellness Moms America™, chiropractic-led monthly meetings that bring together all types of moms to teach them how to live the chiropractic wellness lifestyle. You can start your own chapter at so you can teach moms the benefits of living the chiropractic wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Theresa was awarded the 1999 ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ award from the World Chiropractic Alliance in recognition of her efforts in bringing chiropractic care to the children of the world. In 2019 she also received the ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’ award from the Women Chiropractors organization.

Dr. Theresa gave testimony before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and also presented to the Council on Women and Children at the United Nations NGO Department of Public Information where she talked about the important role of the pediatric chiropractor in children’s health.

Dr. Teri has served as a Le Leche League leader since 2000, providing expert breastfeeding advice and support for nursing mothers in her community.

Despite her many accolades, her greatest achievements by far are their 3 beautiful children: Sydney, Skylar, and Alexis. All 3 children were adjusted within 5 minutes of being born, practiced extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping, and have been raised in the chiropractic lifestyle.

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