Liam Schubel

Dr. Liam Schübel is a chiropractic ambassador to the world. He is co-author of two internationally acclaimed books. His first book CAST TO BE CHIROPRACTORS, is an inspirational story that illustrates two chiropractors’ lifelong journey of passionate service to humanity through the practice of chiropractic. His second book, SCHÜBEL’S HOLY GRAIL OF BUSINESS, has been called by many “the fundamental textbook” for chiropractic business success.

Doctors and students from around the world seek out his business expertise in his private online mentoring group, Schübel Vision Elite. ( ) Many claim he has the “Midas Touch” when it comes to chiropractic business success.

Dr. Schübel served for 8 years on the Board of Trustees for Sherman College of Chiropractic as Vice Chairman. He is the past President and a current board member of the International Federation of Chiropractors Organizations (IFCO) whose goal is to bring vertebral subluxation centered chiropractic to the world.

His home base is in his hometown of Freehold, New Jersey – U.S.A where he resides with his wife Parinda and his youngest daughters, Star and Skye. “The Schübelnator”, as he is affectionately known by on the international speaking circuit is unstoppable when it comes to bringing vertebral subluxation centered chiropractic to the world.