Judd NoGraddy

33 years ago, Dr. Judd NoGraddy was working as a New York City police officer. Nobody would ever have guessed at that time that he would eventually become a chiropractor. Then chiropractic changed his life.
Saved from a life of disability, Dr. Judd’s first specific chiropractic adjustment impacted his life so much that he quit his job immediately and enrolled in chiropractic college.
Since graduating from chiropractic college in 1995, he has never stopped serving and creating for the chiropractic profession. Chiropractic has become interwoven into every aspect of his Life. He has written 3 Chiropractic books entitled CAST TO BE CHIROPRACTORS and SCHUBEL’S HOLY GRAIL OF BUSINESS with Dr. Liam Schubel and Dr. Frank Hahn and GOLD A LIFETIME OF LOVE IN CHIROPRACTIC with Dr. Irene Gold.
He currently runs two chiropractic offices where he has the honor of checking over 25 newborns per month. He has a true family, cash only, office. He is a Schubel Vision Elite founding mentor. SVE is an online community that teaches and supports other chiropractors to have more time freedom, greater financial abundance and the best clinical outcomes. He is in partnership with Howe Construction Inc. which builds an average of 5 million dollars’ worth of real estate annually. His Biggest accomplishment is his family. He and his Wife Dr. Veronica NoGraddy and their two Children make their home in upstate New York.