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Devin Vrana

Dr. Devin Vrana is a principled, on-fire Chiropractor who serves in the center of America’s heartland. Both she and her husband, Dr. Joey Vrana, practice in vibrant, thriving Chiropractic practices in Wichita Kansas. Drs. Vrana are proud parents of a warrior tribe of five amazing children… Roman, Jager, Knox, Magnolia and Phoenix.

She is a woman on a mission… Mother leading five wonderful children; Wife and business partner to an amazing man; and Chiropractor determined to serve the masses at all levels— in her practice, her community, her state and in the profession nationwide. She is an active student and teacher of the art of Chiropractic. She is a passionate teller of the Chiropractic Story and protector of its philosophy and science. Her path has been blessed with many great teachers and shares what has been passed to her with a grateful heart. She is a leader within the Kansas Chiropractic Association; a member of the ICA and ICPA. She has traveled around the nation to speak to the Chiropractic community and traveled the world to serve the mission of loving Chiropractic service.

If you ask her… She will tell you that she is only just getting started!! She sets her roots firmly in the beautiful fields that surround her family’s home and she spreads her wings to study, share, serve and spread the gift of Chiropractic’s Sacred Trust.