Dave Mager

Dave Mager is an internationally accomplished author, speaker and motivator. Over the past 24 years he has been on the Discovery channel, presented to congressman , wrote Health is a Journey, given thousands of lectures and has made several positive contributions with his educational materials to further the Chiropractic Wellness philosophy.

Dave was a skeptic of Chiropractic Wellness Care until it changed his life. Now, on any given weekend, Dave can be anywhere in the world informing people about how to live a healthy lifestyle. He truly cares for the health and well-being of as many as he can reach with this message.. There are thousands of testimonials that attest to his compassionate nature at these events which reflects his purpose “Empowering Lives-Impacting Life”

Dave Mager’s “Game Face” is a way of life. It emphasizes staying positive and striving for excellence throughout all aspects of your life. “Game Face” is about prioritizing God, family and work to achieve balance, success and true happiness.