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Something a Bit Different from Daniel Knowles [PODCAST]


This week we are gifting you with something special in appreciation of you following Mile High, reading our emails and listening to our podcast.

Watch/listen to Dr. Daniel Knowles welcoming a group of chiropractors and their teams at a past Lifetime Wellness Practice Training Module discussing HeartSet and Mindset The energy is rich, and the inspiration is abundant.

You’ll walk away with understanding your mission and what it will take to make and implement the changes you need to grow your practice. There are many “Aha” moments in this video, so we encourage you to take notes.

This episode will give you a taste of what you will get this November 12th and 13th at Next Level Growth Chiropractic Team and Associate Training. Registration is open and seats are waiting for you and your team.

After enjoying this you will want to GIVE MORE, SERVE MORE and as you know that always leads to RECEIVING MORE.

Register now at:

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Something a Bit Different from Daniel Knowles [PODCAST]