Sarah Farrant: Truth and Illusions [PODCAST]

Dr. Sarah Farrant spoke at the Mile High Philosophy Summit, and her presentation was so outstanding, and the rave reviews so plentiful, it was evident that chiropractors wanted more Sara Farrant! So, she is my very special guest on this episode of The Mile High Podcast.

Sara hails from New Zealand. She’s a 2002 Palmer graduate.

Together with her husband, Dr. Randall Farrant, she’s the co-founder of Vital Wellbeing a business dedicated to providing vital tools for generational change in health.

The Farrants have been involved in the health industry since 1990. They have grown to become global mentors to thousands of individuals, families, health professionals, celebrities and sporting personalities.

They have facilitated and inspired people to live a healthy and vitalistic life.

Dr. Sarah has a background in education, psychology, general science and chiropractic.

Sarah is the author The Vital Truth: Accessing The Possibilities Of Unlimited Health, which was written in 2004, and The Health Illusion: Is It Killing You?, written in 2014.

On this podcast you’ll discover:

⬛ How the current global circumstance looks through a chiropractic philosophical lens
⬛ How you can help your practice members focus on trusting life instead of living in fear,
⬛ How you can incentivize your practice members to become more solidified in true chiropractic philosophy
⬛ And MUCH more!

Enjoy the podcast and then make both of her outstanding books a part of your library. You can get your copy at Drew will be one of the more than 25 awesome speakers at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th -23rd.

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Check out this week’s podcast here:

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