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Robert DeBonis: The Wisdom of the ChiropracTIC Elders [PODCAST]

In many areas of American culture, wisdom has lost its perceived value.  Sadly, this has also happened in the Chiropractic profession.  Mile High is designed to counteract that trend and embraces the wisdom of those who have been in the practice of chiropractic for decades.

Dr. Robert DeBonis is one of the revered elder statesmen of chiropractic.  He is an international ambassador for the ICA.  When Hurricane Irma destroyed his office in Coral Bay in the US Virgin Islands, Dr. Bob,” found there truly was a silver lining.

“The International Chiropractic Association had been wanting me to take an active role in promoting chiropractic for a number of years, but I could never make the commitment,” he said. With the loss of his office, he decided to take the opportunity to travel.

He joined a group of eight western chiropractors traveling in China. Accompanied by interpreters, they fanned out, each taking a different route, to treat tens of thousands of patients. Since 2017, Dr. Bob has been to 30 cities in China on four different trips.

He’s helped introduce ChiropracTIC to the Kingdom of Tonga, where he served as a mentoring doc and served as a chairman of New York State Board of ChiropracTIC. After practicing in Manhattan for 28 years, he moved to the US Virgin Islands.  He’s currently a member of the board of ChiropracTIC examiners and a delegate to FCLB and NBACE.


On this podcast you’ll hear:

  • That ChiropracTIC is a unique, non-duplicable, separate, distinct service
  • Concerns about the “virtualistic” camp
  • Where the big idea of ChiropracTIC is
  • And much more!

More of the younger docs in ChiropracTIC, including many of us who have been in the profession quite a while, need to take the lead from doctors like Robert DeBonis over their lifetime at this level. All chiropractors need to open their minds to the teaching of Dr. Bob and other elder statesmen in the profession!  The profession in the world and humanity will change for the better if we do.

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Robert DeBonis: The Wisdom of the ChiropracTIC Elders [PODCAST]