"You will never get the things that you want as long as you are focusing on the things that you don't want." - Daniel Knowles

Today's episode is a Mile High philosophy episode. Just this past weekend myself and my wife Richelle Knowles had the opportunity to speak at Sherman Chiropractic College Lyceum. In part of the presentation I shared about the concept of reorganization relative to the spine and nervous system. In this brief 15 minute episode we pose the question of whether you really want to have as your objective to restore the spine. Is that concept consistent with our philosophy or is it allopathic. Are we about fixing spines? Or are we about freeing lives?

My hope is this gets your wheels spinning and considering these concepts as your hands are on people this week as well as while you look at the state of their nerve system and spinal structures. As you're applying a force are you working against the body or with it? Are you applying a force for Innate to use to set the vertebra to where it needs to be or are you thrusting to where you feel the vertebra needs to go.

Continue to grow your philosophy and art and learn more science. If you enjoy this episode please share it and leave feedback on iTunes. Join us at The Mile High Movement Weekend August 18-21, 2016


"Wellness and health is an interactive process involving multiple aspect of ones life."
- Daniel Knowles

Question of the day: "Where is your focus when you are caring for people as a doctor of chiropractic?" Please let me know in the comments.

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