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[Podcast] What Is the Real Matrix? – Dr. Brian Dooley

He’s back!  Dr. Brian Dooley has been a frequent guest on The Mile High Podcast and has spoken frequently at the Mile High Chiropractic Weekends, and he’s the very special guest on this episode!

Dr. Dooley is a lead instructor in Chiropractic Philosophy, Chiropractic History and Case History. He also assists in pre-clinic, student clinic, spinal exam review and patient education as well as serve as an assistant floor doctor in the Sherman College Health Center. Dr. Dooley earned a BA from Clemson University and his chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic. He is a member of the pioneer class of Sherman College’s postgraduate philosophy program, the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers.  After serving in private practice for ten years Dr. Dooley returned to Sherman College because, as he says, “Mama called him home.”

Dr. Dooley still maintains his practice in Pickens, SC where his lives with his wife, daughter Sara, and son Jackson. He can be found outside of Sherman, reading green books or attending soccer games.

At Mile High Seven, he worked every James Bond title into his presentation. This year, Mile High X is about the Matrix, and Brian has set the bar high to work the concepts of Matrix into his presentation.  It’s going to be exciting seeing if he fits it all in.

On this episode, you’ll hear Dr. Brian talk about:

  • The real Matrix in healthcare, chiropractic, and the world
  • How much of what we know is real?
  • How much is the wool being pulled over our eyes?
  • Truth, reality, and philosophy
  • Many references to the movie The Matrix
  • And MUCH more!

Enjoy the podcast and make your plans, if you haven’t already, to attend Mile High, where you’ll get to hear Brian Dooley and 31 other great presenters!  You can register at  Looking forward to seeing you on higher ground in June!



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[Podcast] What Is the Real Matrix? – Dr. Brian Dooley