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[Podcast] The Neuroscience of Communication with Russ Rosen

Mile High Podcast. Guest is Russ Rosen. Topic: The Neuroscience of communication


We got another great podcast episode for you. Many people know Russ Rosen to be a dynamic and passionate chiropractor, and this podcast will remind you of it.

Not only is he a chiropractor, but he’s an author, international coach, educator and speaker, and he ran a very successful wellness practice in Maui, Hawaii for 14 years.  Be sure to bring out your pad and paper as he goes deep into the Neuroscience of Communication.

On this episode you will learn about:

  • How he started
  • Neuroscience of communication and its benefits
  • Key aspects of communication in your practice
  • Helping your practice members who are looking for solutions for their health and well-being
  • And LOTS more!

Enjoy this podcast and getting to know Russ Rosen.

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[Podcast] The Neuroscience of Communication with Russ Rosen