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[Podcast] One Man’s Chiropractic Journey – Matthew Mancuso


Every chiropractor has a unique journey into the chiropractic world and through it. The very special guest on today’s episode of The Mile High Podcast is none other than the irrepressible Matthew Mancuso.


Dr. Matthew Mancuso, D.C. is a distinguished chiropractor and the founder and owner of Intrinsic Care Chiropractic in Worthington, Ohio. He graduated from LCCW in 2005, has practiced in Ireland, California, and Washington, and now is one of a handful of NetworkSpinal chiropractors in Ohio. Matthew has the honor of teaching NetworkSpinal around the world, being a mentor collaborator for EpiEnergetics, and supporting tonal chiropractors to give their gifts with success as part of Lifetime Wellness Practice.


As you can tell from his bio, Matthew’s journey in Chiropractic has been an interesting one to say the least. On this podcast you’ll learn about Matthew’s journey and walk side-by-side with him:

  • In his beginnings in Chiropractic
  • His discovery and adoption the foundational principles
  • Opening his practice
  • Succeeding in his practice
  • Attending Mile High
  • Speaking at Mile High
  • Mentoring others through Lifetime Wellness Practice
  • And MUCH more!


When you listen to this podcast, you’ll grow in knowledge, inspiration, and motivation, because you can do the things in your own practice that Matthew has done in his!

Matthew was the chiropractor guest speaker at Mile High 2000 and taught one of the breakout sessions at last year’s Mile High. This year, he’ll be speaking from the main stage!

As you will hear on this podcast, there’s no speaker anyplace who can match the unbridled enthusiasm and fun of Matthew Mancuso, and you have the opportunity to hear him speak at Mile High XI in Denver, September 21st – 24th.

You’re going to have so much fun listening to Matthew speak, and you’re going to learn a ton from him.

Be sure to secure seats for yourself and your team at

Looking forward to seeing you a Mile High in September!


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[Podcast] One Man’s Chiropractic Journey – Matthew Mancuso