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[Podcast] No Bones About It – Dr. JT Anderson

Dr. JT Anderson is a force to be reckoned with in Chiropractic and in life!  Doc JT has been in chiropractic practice for 30 years in the Mile High State.  He has been the official chiropractor for the Denver Broncos, Colorado Crush, and Denver Outlaws and is passionate about chiro practice.

JT started lifting weights at age 13 and began to compete as a weightlifter in the Junior Olympics at age 15.  The challenge was that his joints began to break down, resulting in severe lower back pain.  He started chiropractic care as a result and has received care ever since.

He  shifted gears to become more flexible and pursue a healthy way of training his body   Bodybuilding was a good fit, and he began to compete in various bodybuilding contests at age 16.

At the University of Northern Colorado, he studied human anatomy and chemistry and became a certified personal trainer. As his clientele began to grow, he had to find new exercise concepts to enhance their performance. He started to work with massage therapists and chiropractors, focusing on injuries and postural changes.

He completed his Chiropractic Doctorate at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas, where he learned the true value of Chiropractic Health Care as a vehicle to impact overall health.  He began to view the body as a “whole unit” with the nervous system being the master system and the spinal bones protecting the exiting nerves.  Enough pressure on the nerves can create a host of issues including pain, muscle weakness and organ dysfunction.  Removing the interference will allow the body to naturally heal on its own, the way GOD intended.

JT is the author of two awesome books, No Bones About It – A Memoir of a Chiropractor and Outside the Fence –  A Father’s Journey from Coach to Fan.  You can order both books at

On this podcast you’ll hear JT discuss:

  • His book No Bones About It – The Memoir of a Chiropractor
  • The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Chiropractic
  • The physical, mental, and nutritional benefits of Chiropractic
  • Why your brain is so important relative to your health
  • Where Chiropractic is headed in the next 10 years
  • And MUCH more!

Enjoy and learn from this podcast and don’t forget to save the date in your calendar for Mile High 2023, September 21st – 24th, 2023.




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[Podcast] No Bones About It – Dr. JT Anderson