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[Podcast] Making An Impact in Chiropractic – Elise Rigney


Elise Rigney been to every Mile High since its founding. She will be an MC at this year’s Mile High Weekend, and for chiropractors in and around Northern Colorado, she will be hosting a Mile High Philosophy night at her office in Fort Collins (See details and register below)!

Dr. Elise Rigney, D.C. was one of the first Fort Collins chiropractors to specialize in pediatric and prenatal care. She is a wellness expert and uses a “whole person approach”.

Dr. Elise holds a Bachelor’s in Physiology and Norwegian & Scandinavian Studies through the University of Minnesota, as well as a Bachelor’s in Human Biology through Northwestern Health Sciences University. Following her undergraduate degree, she completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. Upon completing her Doctorate, Dr. Elise practiced as an Associate Chiropractor at the largest Chiropractic clinic in the world. She then moved on to open Impact Chiropractic in early 2012, proudly launching a female team of Northern Colorado chiropractors.

On the weekends, you can spot Dr. Elise spending time with her husband, Rocky, and children, Sloan, Stella and Ford. They enjoy hiking in the canyon, walking around Old Town, and trying new restaurants in Fort Collins. Dr. Elise also speaks as an educator to Chiropractors all over the world. She often times brings her family to all of these speaking events.

In 2015, Dr. Elise was named one of The Coloradoan’s “Mind & Body Magazine” Super-Woman of the Year.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About Elise’s chiropractic journey
  • Chiropractic philosophy
  • The Mile High experience
  • Recommendations for her students and new docs
  • How to up-scale your practice
  • And MUCH more!

You will learn so much from Elise! She and her amazing, supportive husband, Rocky, and family are phenomenal gifts to her community and to Chiropractic.

Be sure to register yourself and your team for Mile High at!

P.S. You can register for Mile High Philosophy Night tomorrow night, April 21st in Elise’s office in Fort Collins. Elise, the Mile High team (Joel Kinch, Simon Dove and Jake Hansen), and I invite you to Mile High Philosophy Night April 21st at 6:30pm at Impact Chiropractic in Ft. Collins. So many are grateful for the return of Mile High Philosophy Night! There will be food and drinks. If you want to eat, you must reserve your seat so we know how much food to order. This evening is free and for you, so it’ll food, fun, and fellowship.


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[Podcast] Making An Impact in Chiropractic – Elise Rigney