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Brian Dooley: Symptoms, Philosophy, and Business [PODCAST]

Brian Dooley: Symptoms, Philosophy and Business [PODCAST]

On this episode of Mile High Podcasts, you’ll be excited to hear some valuable ideas and strategies from one of the foremost educators in the chiropractic world, Dr. Brian Dooley, D. C.  The discussion on this podcast focuses on how and where symptoms, philosophy, and business intersect.  

Dr. Dooley is a 2005 graduate and faculty member at Sherman College.  He teaches classes in terminology, philosophy, case history, patient education, media communication, and the 33 principles.  He’s also the chair of a newly-formed department at Sherman.  Dr. Brian has been in private practice since 2007 and part of the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers.  It’s an honor to have him on this podcast.

You’re going to love listening to Brian on the podcast and even more so when you hear him speak live at Mile High 2019 in Denver, August 15th – 18th.  He’s one of the more than 25 awesome speakers on the Mile High slate!  

Listen to the podcast:

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Brian Dooley: Symptoms, Philosophy, and Business [PODCAST]