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[Podcast] Chiropractic and Radical Faith – Dr. Joshua Siegel

Hold on to your heart and soul as you buckle in your seatbelt for this podcast. You’ll experience Dr. Joshua Siegel’s journey into chiropractic and his current healing and life transformation journey.


Dr. Joshua Siegel graduated from Life University and practices in Long Island at Cafe of Life Chiropractic. He has had an impact on many people’s lives in his community through delivering outstanding chiropractic care. His favorite quote is, “You never know how far-reaching something you think, say, or do will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.”   Dr. Joshua Siegel has a love of life that overflows onto every person he encounters.  His life’s mission is to inspire and guide people to fulfill their own extraordinary lives.

Dr. Josh was called to the Chiropractic field at a young age when his life was radically transformed through the power of an adjustment.  As a child, he suffered for many years with severe allergies and asthma.  Young Dr. Josh saw immediate improvements in his wellbeing and over a short period of time, under regular chiropractic care, and all of his previous symptoms and conditions had vanished. He decided that he too wanted to help heal people through the natural way of chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Josh received his chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  He continues to build his extensive knowledge in the chiropractic field by attending regular seminars and staying connected to new and emerging breakthrough research.  He loves doing mission work around the world. He recently joined a team of 20 chiropractors, who spent time in Brazil serving over 40,000 people in one week. To help spread awareness of the power of a chiropractic adjustment, he reaches as many people as possible through his adjusting techniques with MLS seminars held throughout the year.

As often happens, bad things happen to good people.  This past March, Joshua and his wife lost a baby.  And then, he was diagnosed with stage five renal failure.  Has been told he would not make it Multiple times he’s been told that he wouldn’t make it. On this podcast, you’ll hear Joshua’s positive message about his outlook on life and challenges.  You’ll hear an inspiring message about:

  • Joshua’s journey into chiropractic
  • How God tests us before he blesses us
  • How healing is an inside job
  • Navigating valleys and mountains
  • How pressure creates growth
  • And MUCH more!

This Mile High Podcast is a powerful message for students and doctors who want to live their lives closer to the foundational principles and values of Chiropractic and grow radical faith in trusting life.

Please consider the following three requests from the Mile High Team:

  • Support Dr. Joshua by donating to his Go Fund Me
  • Joshua needs a kidney donor. Consider testing to see if you are a kidney donor match
  • Pray for his healing and see him already healed and already whole

Mark your calendar for September 23rd – 26th, 2023 for Mile High 11 in Denver!

Yours in the vision,
Dr. Danny




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[Podcast] Chiropractic and Radical Faith – Dr. Joshua Siegel