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[Podcast] Attract, Convert, Delight, and Systematize!

The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, and it’s going to continue to change. The key areas that have been game changers for the Chiropractic profession, along with technology, have been online reviews, text messaging, and automation. You need to make a shift in those areas.

Austin Daugherty is the Director of Sales at Review Wave.  He has incredible expertise and knowledge in the Chiropractic industry. He’s the Head of First Impressions at Review Wave and an expert in making your digital media a tremendous first impression with online reviews, texting, and more.

Austin is known for being the office hype man! He brings a vibrant energy into the office every day and inspires everyone to always give 110%. Seems fitting that he says The Fast and The Furious describes his life. He also brings vibrant energy to the Chiropractic profession.

As a die-hard Red Sox fan, one of his bucket list items is to watch a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in Fenway Park with his wife and his dad.

On this podcast, you’ll learn more about:

  • Review Wave and how they support the Chiropractic community
  • How you can make technology work for you
  • How you can help people in your community find chiropractic care in your community
  • How you can use reviews, tech messages, and automation to build your practice
  • And MUCH more!

You can learn more about Review Wave at  Be sure you stop by their booth at Mile High in June!

If you aren’t registered for Mile High yet, do it today at!



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[Podcast] Attract, Convert, Delight, and Systematize!