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[Podcast] 🎙️ Babies, Bellies, and Families – Dr. Stephanie Libs



The very special guest on today’s Mile High Podcast is Dr. Steph Libs. She’s a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor in San Diego. After her own breastfeeding struggles along with so many families in her office struggling she quickly has become known as the “breastfeeding doc.”
She’s certified by the ICPA in pediatrics, and she’s also an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). She’s got a full, rocking practice with 4 associates and lives and breathes chiropractic philosophy. She runs her local philosophy group, has been published in peer-reviewed journals, written for Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine, and created her own courses for chiros and for moms all about breastfeeding.
On this podcast you’ll get to hear:
✅ Dr. Steph’s birth stories
✅ How she built such a successful practice as a mom
✅ How to use social media to grow your practice
✅ Clinical gems about improving breastfeeding
✅ And MUCH more!
Dr. Steph has generously offered to provide you with 30-days FREE access to her course on Breastfeeding for moms. You can get access at and use code “MileHigh” for your free test drive.
Dr. Steph says, “Living the chiropractic lifestyle as a mom, as a chiro, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. BJ Palmer would be the biggest influencer today. Why can’t you be? You owe it to yourself, your community, the profession, and the world to play bigger!
Enjoy the podcast and come hear Dr. Steph speak at Mile High XI – ONE LOUDER next month. She’s part of the special, one-hour Continuing Education breakout session about pediatric chiropractic care, also featuring Brian Harris, Jen Santos, and Anne Stromin.
Get your tickets today, if you haven’t already, before the seats are all gone.
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[Podcast] 🎙️ Babies, Bellies, and Families – Dr. Stephanie Libs