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[Podcast] 🎙️ A Green Book Gem – Joel Kinch


Get ready to be inspired by another incredible Mile High moment!

In today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover the thought-provoking insights of Dr. Joel Kinch. A 1995 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropracti – West, Dr. Kinch is also an inaugural graduate of the International Chiropractors Association’s prestigious Diplomat in Philosophical Chiropractic Standards program.

Dr. Kinch and his wife, Dr. Kathy Kinch, steer the ship of Well Within Chiropractic, P.C., nestled in Castle Rock, Colorado. With two decades of practice under his belt and a trail of recognition in the profession, Dr. Kinch wields a unique knack for turning health principles into real-life transformations.

His presentation last year was a jaw-dropper, leaving the audience spellbound and reaching for the rewind button. And guess what? Here’s your golden ticket to relive that remarkable experience or catch it for the first time!

During Mile High 2022, Dr. Joel Kinch dished out a powerhouse of enlightenment. He whisked us through a tantalizing journey, reminding us that our bodies have a language – a quirky matrix that converts Twinkies into eyeballs (yes, you heard that right!). With a pinch of humor, a dash of philosophy, and a sprinkle of chiropractic brilliance, Dr. Kinch shattered the perception of ordinary nutrition talks. He championed the art of listening to our bodies, a symphony of internal impulses that know their cravings better than any food pyramid.

Now, recalling the memories of Dr. Kinch’s ‘Green Book‘ masterpiece from last year, let’s chuckle at the cosmic alignment that celebrated Green Book Day yesterday. It’s as if the universe joined in to nod its leafy approval, right in tune with Dr. Kinch’s wisdom. Perhaps, behind closed doors, plants everywhere exchanged knowing glances.

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[Podcast] 🎙️ A Green Book Gem – Joel Kinch