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Our Community Working Together for One Vision

As most people familiar with our practice know, we work hard to bring the chiropractic community together with our annual Mile High Event that takes place every August.  In keeping with that focus, I think it’s important for all of us to collaborate as leaders and work together towards the vision that I promote every year at Mile High.  When we enhance our philosophy, vision and strategy, we not only create a better community for ourselves but for our patients as well.


It has always been my belief that when practitioners dig deeper into the philosophy of the health care paradigm, they can expand on the vision of impacting more lives.  This also gives them the opportunity to develop strategies to further community outreach and make a bigger difference in regards to their patient’s overall care.


That’s why Richelle and I will be presenting at the upcoming 12th Annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium at the Sherman College of Chiropractic on October 10-11, 2015.  We’ll be joining a team of local Colorado doctors who are also focused on enhancing their community by attending this international research symposium.


At this event, we will be presenting our research study titled, “Radiological Changes in Lateral Cervical Spinal Curves Seen Across a Retrospective Case Series of Chiropractic Patients Utilizing Network Spinal Analysis Care.”  This research involved the study of X-ray changes from hundreds of patients in their practice and it is the first documented research showing a low force approach in making changes to a person’s structure on film in the history of chiropractic.


We are grateful that we have the opportunity to present ourselves as a force for good and we know that our increased presence within the community can be viewed positively as an expression of philanthropy within the chiropractic and healthcare disciplines.  If you’d like to learn more about the event or how you can register attend, please visit:

You can also view the list of presentations at the event by clicking this link

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Our Community Working Together for One Vision