Monique Andrews: Mile High Philosophy [PODCAST]

During this year’s Mile High Philosophy Summit, Dr. Monique Andrews did an incredible segment.  So here she is again on this episode of the Mile High Podcast!

Dr. Monique is a true gift to the chiropractic profession.  She says she’s often thought of as a scientist, and really, she’s a 33-principle chiropractor and then some. She and her partner, Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, D.C. of The PRANA Foundation are experts in clinically applying principles of Polyvagal theory in your chiropractic practice.

Drs. Monique and Tamara’s personal and professional partnership began in 1994, as graduate students at the Institute of Neuroscience in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. From operating a shared practice, The Prana Group for 13 years, to joining the academic leadership team at an accredited Chiropractic College, they have seen their profession—as well as the whole of integrative and functional medicine—evolve rapidly during their careers.

As chiropractors, educators and students of the human experience, this 25+ year journey has both challenged them and helped them to grow immeasurably. They have traveled the world, won awards, lost parents, and reimagined chiropractic education, only to see the larger industry fail their students. The Prana Foundation is the culmination of these diverse experiences.

You’ll get to hear Drs. Monique and Tamara teach in a breakout session on Saturday morning at Mile High.  After you listen to this episode, you’ll definitely want to be there.  If you haven’t reserved seats for yourself and your team as yet, do it right away at and use savings code podcast to save $50.

You are in for so many amazing treats, when you rise up to higher Chiropractic altitude at Mile High 2020.

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