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Lona Cook: Reclamation and the Art of Chiropractic [PODCAST]

Some people graduate from chiropractic school and launch like a racehorse sprinting out of the gate.  One such person is Dr. Lona Cook, who owns two practices in Wisconsin.  She published her first book in 2013, for young chiropractors opening their first practices.  She just launched her second book, Reclamation: The Evolution of a Hot Mess.  She has been intimately involved in opening, owning, and operating three chiropractic offices, and other businesses in real estate and speaking.  Dr. Lona is politically involved in the state of Wisconsin since the founding of the Chiropractic Society in 2012.  She was also named CCEDC Entrepreneur of the Year in her area in 2016.  Dr. Lona resides in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with her husband and her sons Jack and Max.

On this podcast, you will hear about:

  • How Lona and her team navigated COVID
  • How they gave to their community
  • Chiropractic political issues in her area
  • And MUCH more!

Dr. Cook spoke at Mile High several years ago, you’ll be excited to know that she’ll be one of the featured speakers at Mile High this year talking about The Art of Chiropractic.  Mile High 2021 – Raiders of the Lost Art is taking place in Denver, September 23rd – 26th.  If you haven’t reserved seats for yourself and your team, do it now at .

You can get your copy of Reclamation: The Evolution of a Hot Mess on her website at

Looking forward to seeing you a Mile High in September!

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Lona Cook: Reclamation and the Art of Chiropractic [PODCAST]