"My biggest advice to everyone is to define your unique expert position first and then start owning that." - Dr. Krista Burns

In this episode, we will be catching up with Dr. Krista Burns DC, DrHA, CPEP, CPS, BS as she's on the road in Florida on a U.S. tour. Dr. Krista Burns lives and practices in Parma, Italy. She is the vice president of membership of the League of Chiropractic Women, and also the American Posture Institute.

In this episode, we discussed postural neurology, which is fascinating in terms of its changes in neuro plasticity and how it is a functional approach and not a pain-based approach. With this, Dr. Krista Burns discussed how postural neurology can help their patients hold their adjustment longer, create neuro plastic changes of the posture system, and how they can increase their doctor to patient communication with posture.

This is a fascinating material, and we also discussed positioning yourself as an expert in your community and how you differentiate and set yourself apart from others who will be best served by your approach, you can reach new levels of impact in your success. Some great Tips to position yourself as a go-to-expert in your community are discussed during this podcast that I know you will enjoy. During this, also, Dr. Krista Burns gives us a great resource, the top 20 research studies every brain-based practitioner needs to know.

Enjoy listening to this podcast episode and find more about the relationship between posture and neurology. Mile High is extremely grateful for the League of Chiropractic Women and what they are doing for chiropractic and wants to encourage you to continue to think outside the four walls of your office. Join us August 17th to 20th , 2017 at Mile High 2017 www.milehighchiroregistrations.com

"Personal victories precede public victories."" - Dr. Stephen Covey

Question of the day: "What would you like to do to move chiropractic forward beyond your efforts with in the 4 walls within your practice" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • Can you tell us more about the American Posture Institute?
  • How can doctors improve their doctor to patient communication with posture?
  • What is Postural Neurology?
  • How can doctors utilize brain based postural correction techniques to help patients hold their adjustments longer?
  • What are some actionable steps that doctors can do today to implement Postural Neurology into their practice tomorrow?

Resources Mentioned:

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