Julie Jones: Growing Top Level Chiropractic Professionals [PODCAST]

Since you’re part of the Mile High community, you certainly know who Julie Jones is!  Julie is the woman behind the scenes making Mile High happen, coordinating Network Family Wellness Center, and managing Lifetime Wellness Practice. Julie is raising the bar for our team, herself, and other chiropractic teams around the world through the Team Inner Circle training group. 

On this podcast, you’ll be hearing from a chiropractic professional, who is all-in on the message and grateful to help support chiropractic teams to serve more people on more tables more often.

Julie came into the chiropractic world serving as a front desk assistant, quickly became office coordinator, and has helped orchestrate Mile High for five years.  She is also the coordinator for Lifetime Wellness Mentoring. Last year she presented the two-hour team training at Mile High, and she will be doing a team training again at Mile High 2021 in Denver, June 3rd – 5th. Julie is a true gift to the chiropractic profession, as you’ll discover on this podcast, and she will inspire you and your team to bring more passion, energy, and purpose to your practice.  Remember to bring your team to Mile High!

After you listen to this podcast, you’ll want to enroll your team in the Team Inner Circle group, so they can have constant access to stellar Chiropractic team training.

Register yourself and your team for Mile High 2021 at www.milehighchiroregistration.com before December 31st and save $500 off the at-the-door investment.

Register your team in The LWP Team Inner Circle at  www.lwpteaminnercircle.com

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