Joel Kinch: The Philosophy of the Art of Chiropractic [Podcast]

The cat’s out of the bag! Mile High 2021 will be all about the ART of Chiropractic. And on this episode of the Mile High Podcast, our very special guest is none other than Joel Kinch, discussing the philosophy of the art of Chiropractic.

Dr. Joel Kinch graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in March of 1995, and he’s founded two thriving practices, one in Washington and one in California. Joel is now located in Castle Rock, Colorado. He was part of the inaugural Legion of Chiropractic Philosophers. He was honored to be in the first graduating class of the Chiropractic Philosophy Standards (D.Phc.S.) program.

Dr. Joel has been an invited to speak at chiropractic events nationwide, doing presentations on the practical application of Chiropractic philosophy. He also served part of the elite team of chiropractors for the NLS 2010 Cup Champion Colorado Rapids, that included care for Team USA Judo, Team USA Wrestling, Team USA Weightlifting, Team USA Sitting Volleyball, and elite MMA athletes.

Every year, Joel Kinch is one of the esteemed MC’s for the Mile High weekend, and he also leads the Greenbook philosophy discussion pre-show on Saturday morning. He’ll be doing it again at Mile High 2021. Enjoy connecting with him and dialing in about the philosophy of Chiropractic, and how it connects to the art of Chiropractic.

If you have not dialed in to be at Mile High in 2021, clear your calendar now! You can get all the details at

See you on higher ground June 3rd – 6th.

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