"You can see much farther standing on the shoulder of giants.." - Joe Fiorino

My new friend, Joseph Fiorino, is a true servant to the chiropractic principal. In the first few minutes of talking to him before recording this podcast, I learned that he gets up at 3:00 am every morning to be able to run his practice and also his family and the vision of Chirocept.

Joe is a second generation chiropractor who lives by the phrase "you can see much farther standing on the shoulders of giants."

His father practiced and continues to practice for 52 years as a chiropractor and is certainly part of what has fueled Joe's vision. In this podcast, we discussed the importance of chiropractic for children and great strategies and communication to help more chiropractors take care of more kids in their practices. Children are the future as it's been said many times, of course, and we need to have more kids grow up with a chiropractic lifestyle.

Another area that we discussed is chiropractic world dominance and stopping the negative mindset for the next generation of chiropractors. Keeping positivity in your practice is vital if we are going to expand our reach in the profession.

I know after you listen to Joe Fiorino, you will grow to love him as I have. One of the great points that we discuss is being faithful to do what you are called to do regardless of how big or small you perceive it to be, and how great or small a reward for thinking you will receive, or how difficult you believe it will be. We all can collectively move chiropracTIC forward if we all take action.

Question of the day: "What do you enjoy about using instrumentation?" Please let me know in the comments.

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Questions I asked:

  • What is the Vision and Mission of Chirocept?
  • How did the idea of Chirocept come about?
  • Where do you see Chirocept going in the future?

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