Jack Bourla: Nobody Comes Into Your Life By Mere Coincidence [PODCAST]

It’s no coincidence that you received the e-mail about this podcast. Take that as something upon which you should take action in terms of listening and watching on your favorite podcast channel. You’ll learn more and grow as a chiropractor with very special guest, Dr. Jack Bourla BCACP. 

Jack Bourla is the current president of the IFCO. In this episode, you’ll get to know him better, and even more so, you’ll get to know more about chiropractic. A 1997 graduate of Palmer College, Dr. Bourla was the class valedictorian. Since 1998 he’s been the owner and operator of Providence Chiropractic Center in Redwood, California, and a true servant to the profession. Jack has been the recipient of many awards and scholarships.

Some of the things you’ll hear include:
 The importance of mentors in your life
 How you can move toward greater chiropractic artistry and mastery
 How you can grow every day.
You’ll definitely enjoy this podcast and gain from it.

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