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Elise Rigney: Creating and Running a Multi-Doctor Office [PODCAST]

A few guests on the Mile High podcast have attended the Mile High Weekend each of the previous eight years and have committed to be at Mile High 2021 in June. This episode features one of those special individuals.

Dr. Elise Rigney holds a Bachelor’s in Physiology and Norwegian & Scandinavian Studies through the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor’s in Human Biology through Northwestern Health Sciences University. Following her undergraduate degree, Dr. Elise completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. Upon completing her Doctorate, Dr. Elise practiced as an Associate Chiropractor at the largest Chiropractic clinic in the world. She then moved on to open Impact Chiropractic in early 2012, proudly launching a female team of Fort Collins, Colorado, chiropractors. There are now 6 chiropractors in her office.

Dr. Elise Rigney, D.C. is a wellness expert, who uses a “whole person approach”, looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption and implementing whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments are needed to optimize the conditions for normal function. Using this unique approach, Dr. Elise is able to help others accelerate and/or maintain their journeys to good health. She focuses on subluxation reduction and removal, spinal correction, prenatal care, and pediatrics.

Elise teaches other chiropractors to build a team of chiros and she hosts an annual chiro intensive. To learn more about, and connect more with, Elise, you can follow her on Instagram.

In this episode you’re going to learn a ton about how to create and run a multi-doctor office and raise up outstanding associates, who can have greater impact on the world.

Elise will also be one of the featured speakers at Mile High 2021 in Denver, June 3rd – 6th. Come listen to her speak and connect with her in the Mile High Community. She’s a phenomenal soul who runs a phenomenal Chiropractic practice. Enjoy this podcast, remember to hit subscribe, and never miss any Mile High TIC!

If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High 2020 yet, do it right now at

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Elise Rigney: Creating and Running a Multi-Doctor Office [PODCAST]