"My vision is for Every man, woman and child on the planet to become educated about the benefits of chiropractic" - Frank Hahn

Dr. Hahn’s ultimate goal is to change the health care in America by putting chiropractic in the forefront of families’ thoughts by correcting their spinal subluxations. Gratefully, I just finished up recently hosting IFCO TV with Frank Hahn in New Jersey at a TLC event. Mile High early registration and streaming access savings are ending September 30th Commit today to join us at www.milehighchiroregistrations.com

Dr. Hahn is well respected in all phases of chiropractic, from pediatric to geriatric and everyone between. He attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Dr. Hahn was presented a special award at graduation, the BJ Palmer Philosophy Award for his ability to communicate Chiropractic Philosophy. He has been practicing chiropractic in Franklin Park, NJ since graduation in 2003.

He says his vision is for “every man, woman and child on the planet to become educated about the benefits of chiropractic”. Dr. Hahn created and appears regularly on IFCO-TV, an online television show he created for the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO). He is active with the IFCO, and he is a board member of the Garden State Chiropractic Society. He has written a book, 47 Reasons to Visit Your Chiropractor, available on Amazon. In a vision of reaching more people with the IFCO's message, He had the idea of utilizing video over the Internet to create a way to connect more people with the values of the IFCO.

Since then, IFCO-TV has exploded in popularity. And people from around the world tune in to IFCO-TV. They stream interviews from chiropractic events around the world, and also now live stream portions of some videos of some speakers from events.

Dr. Hahn works countless hours on this streaming from events, such as our own Mile High Weekend, as well as New Beginnings, Focus, the IFCO Summit, and so many more. They are constantly being asked to attend programs, so they can have IFCO-TV. His vision is creating quality content that people want to see, and that will help spread chiropractic.

He was awarded the Sherman College Chiropractor of the Year for 2016, due to his incredible relentless efforts to bring pure chiropractic message to the world. One of the highlights that I learned from this episode was that schools have streamed IFCO-TV and even canceled classes so people could watch and learn from it.

It is indeed evident that watching this podcast would help you expand your vision and desire to have greater grasp of the chiropractic message. Enjoy!

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Questions I asked:

  • How did you find your way into the world of chiropractic, Sherman college and then getting out to practice in New Jersey?
  • Are there any big things that you can share about IFCO TV?
  • What is your favorite interview moment?
  • What is next for IFCO TV?

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